Confidence Club Rewards

Join the Confidence Club Rewards Program and earn points for every dollar spent on treatment services!

Sign up for Vagaro and start earning points 

Use points to get $$$ off services or earn a free service at 2000 points 

Here's how your points add up

500 points - $10 off a service

1000 points - $25 off a service

1500 - $50 off a service 

2000 - Free Confidence Glow 60 min treatment or $150 off a service

Earn bonus points with referrals, birthdays, and reviews!

Referrals - Earn 300 points, give 300 points for every referral. Give 300 points to your referral so they can get $$$ off their services!

Birthdays - Skin Confidence loves celebrating birthdays! Earn 150 points on your birthday and a receive a free sheet mask. Please make sure to input this information when signing up for your Vagaro account. 

Reviews - Tell us how we did! We love customer feedback. Leave a review on Yelp, Google or Vagaro and earn 200 points.